Galleri Heer

Gallery Heer was established at Seilduksgaten 4, Oslo in 1986. The history of the gallery goes back to 1981 when Olav Postmyr opened his first gallery at Heer in Drøbak.

After starting the gallery in Oslo, Olav's wife Aleksandra got involved with the running of the gallery. Aleksandra is a historian, which is a very good thing in the workings of a contemporary gallery.

The entrance from a frog perspective
Galleri Heer - sign
Room 1 - view from the entrance
View against entrance and room 3, from room 2
Room 2, view from room 3. Stair to room 1 at the left
View towards the gallery office, from room 3
It is difficult to pinpoint what the gallery represents, e.g. "this is a gallery for minimalism", "a painters-gallery" or "a place to see installation art" and so on.
You will, of course, find all these things and more. The gallery demands much of itself and the artists which exhibit there. The exhibitions should be strongly felt and not just something to rest your eyes on.
The gallery's exhibition list shows a broad spectrum of artists: young and old, male and female, debutants and veterans covering most artistic expressions.

logo galleri heer


Opening hours:
Wed. - Fri.: 12 noon - 5 pm
Sat. - Sun.: 12 noon 3 pm

Phone: +47